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What are the benefits of becoming a member?

> As an Opossumi member, you can enjoy discounts from local businesses. You can get discounts by proving your Opossumi membership through the Kide.app or by showing your Opo-sticker, which you can acquire by contacting us separately, for example by Instagram DM. Here are our current partners:

Barber Cave: 15% discount on massages and haircuts.  (valid until April 30, 2024)
Bar Play: Special discounted prices on Opossumi's exclusive menu on partnership nights. 
Kerubi: Opportunity to get Kerubi's loyalty card with the code "opossumi123".
Jet Set Bar: Reduced prices according to Jet Set's special menu.              Megazone Joensuu: 15% discount on open and private games.

  1. Opossumi events are primarily for Opossumi members or members can participate at a lower cost. 
  2. As an Opossumi member, you can also join Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL) as a member, which grants you access to SOOL's and OAJ's (The Trade Union of Education) benefits, including a 50% discount on "Winter Days" (a weekend long event) passes! 
  3. Membership also includes advocacy, which aims to protect and promote the interests of us, counselling students and to actively participate in the development of education.
  4.  Opossumi members get discounted tickets to Opossumi's annual ball. 

This is how to become a member:

1. Go to Kide.app, where you can find different member options. Link here!

2.  As a exchange student you can choose the same option as our master students, which costs 15€. Choose "Opossumi  ry:n jäsenyys 2023 aloittaneet (maisteri ja sivuaineopiskelijat)"

3. Complete the requested membership information and complete the payment transaction.

4. Congratulations! Now you're officially a member of the Opossumi ry!

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